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2019 WeddingWire Award Winner

WeddingWire Award

We are filled with gratitude for all of our recent clients.  An especially important thank you goes out to those of you who took the time to review us online.  We are proud to say that we once again earned a “Couples’ Choice Award” from because of your generous reviews.

A peek at some of our recent reviews:

“The Engagements made our wedding!

The Engagements were recommended to us by a musician friend who’d played with them before. His praise meant a lot to us, and then when we saw The Engagements play at the Bell House in Brooklyn, we knew they’d make our wedding. Their band leader Aaron was a joy to coordinate with, always accessible, generous with his time and insight, and eager to discuss our musical tastes. So our expectations were high by wedding night — and the guys just blew them away, with a nearly three-hour dance party of Motown, 50s and 60s soul, and 70s dance music. Our guests won’t forget it, and my wife and I surely never will. Choosing the Engagements was unquestionably the best decision we made for our wedding.”

“Best damned wedding band ever and it’s not even close

I can’t say enough good things about The Engagements. Countless people kept asking us where/how we found them. They actually blew a ton of people’s minds. They learned half a dozen songs for our wedding, including deep cuts by George Harrison and The Band, and even an Abba song for my bride. They sounded great and they performed with profound sincerity and passion. I know they may cost a little more than the big company wedding bands, but I promise you, if what you’re looking for is a band that cares about music and about rocking the fucking doors off of wherever your reception is, pick The Engagements. Aaron is a joy to work with. He took all the stress out of everything. I was able to borrow a guitar to play a song for my wife during our reception and they took the time to soundcheck me and make sure I felt comfortable in every way. Incredibly professional and badass. Can’t say enough good things.”

“No other band could compare!

I first experienced The Engagements at my sisters wedding over three years ago. Flash forward to planning my own wedding and I struggled to find a band in Utah that could put on a show like The Engagements. We were so lucky that with Aaron’s help, a Utah trip became a possibility! Aaron was able to contact local vendors, arrange housing, and work with our venues to provide the most amazing music for our rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception! No other band can replicate so many different artists to the level The Engagements can. They had every wedding guest dancing the entire night, to the point that they wouldn’t even take a break! Having a wedding with The Engagements is truly an experience you will never forget. Thanks again Aaron!”

“Doesn’t get better than The Engagements

They are the best. An extremely professional, incredible nice, and insanely talented group of human beings! There isn’t a band that even comes close to these guys.”

“This Is Why People Hire A Band

I’ve been playing in bands for 30 years, and this is the band I hired for my wedding. These guys are far and away the best wedding band I’ve heard. In addition, Aaron is a great guy and a pleasure to deal with. He was one of the first people that I talked to in putting the reception together, and he really helped me wrap my head around what we needed to figure out and what we could leave loose.
The band brings a great vibe. They’ve got a great, extensive song list and they immediately understood what we were going for and put together a great set list including some special requests which they played beautifully. Anyway, the day went great and they kept the dance floor packed the whole night. I am still hearing about how great the band was months later. Do yourself a favor and hire these guys.”

“Awesome wedding band!

We (and our guests, who couldn’t stop talking about them) absolutely loved the Engagements!! They were so much fun, and truly, truly talented. If you’re looking for something a little different than the typical wedding band (think – lots of 70s-80s music, nothing too modern or pop-y) then the Engagements are perfect. They were SO much fun and learned quite a bit of songs for us, too! It really felt like more than just a wedding band, but like a real concert/dance party.

Aaron was extremely flexible and easy to work with. He ended up helping us out with our ceremony music, and even was able to add in music for cocktail hour fairly last minute. He was down to earth and easy to work with from beginning to end. Everything turned out perfectly and we couldn’t have asked for more!”

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